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implementing new Authorisations with ODS (DSO)

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We will be implementing a new authoristion concept where we want to use the following. -

1: Analysis authorisation for cost centre with a exit variable (function module) that will read autorisations from an ODS

2: The ODS will have all cost centres and user names and validity etc etc

3. We will create a table in R3 tat will contain the user users and allowed cost centres and load this daily in to the ODs in BW.

4. We will use the three new special characteristics in the anaysis profiles.

Can anyone see if i am missing anyhting here that may have a bad impact on my implmentation???

Or is there nay general advice for this concept.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You have to create a customer exit variable and you have to use that while creating authoristion object. In customer exit code you need to read the value of the cost center based on the user id of the user. It will definitely work.

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