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Implementing ESS interface outside SAP Portal

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We're implementing SAP ESS outside of the SAP Portal (long political story/battle). The only way we've seen this can be done is by running the Web Dynpro application in an IFRAME. We've tried putting the ESS IVIEW into an IFRAME but that doesn't appear to work - it just keeps refreshing (I'm not sure why).

The test application we're using is http://<server:port>/webdynpro/dispatcher/ It runs just fine in an IFRAME, but it puts a header at the top and also uses a theme that doesn't match the SAP Portal. When we run this same application in an IVIEW there's no header and the theme matches the SAP Portal. We'd like for the base application to run and NOT show the header and also use the theme from the portal.

Are there any application parameters we can send to the base application so it doesn't display the header and also uses the SAP Portal theme? Please let me know if this isn't clear enough!

http://<server:port>/webdynpro/dispatcher/<WHAT GOES HERE?>



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I found half my answer. You can turn off the header by sending the sap.xss.disablehdr parameter to the application. More information about XSSMENU can be found [here|].

Now, how can I get it to use the current SAP Portal theme?