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Implementation of Documented Credit Decision functionality in FSCM system.

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Hi All,

We are having a requirement of implementing the DCD functionality in FSCM system. Below are the breif details for the same.


Syngenta wants to use the standard Documented credit decision functionality for release and reject of blocked sales order. It also needed various customization in the DCD case, approval workflow etc.

How does DCD for blocked order works?

A sales order is created in ECC and credit check happens in FSCM system and the result is passed on to ECC. If the credit check fails, a documented credit decision is automatically created in FSCM system for every credit checl failed orders.The credit analyst can view the DCD order in FSCM and take action- Recheck/ Release/ and Reject. Once the action is performed in DCD , then the sale order in ECC should also get updated.

We could find on SCN forums that there are two proxies for DCD in and out.

Road Blocks for Implementation:

  1. Since the upgrade of FOU enables the use of standard funtionality, why we cannot use the standards programs provide by SAP?

Ans: The standard program which we have got is having only structure, there is no business logic involved which explains the data sending from ECC and data update in FSCM (DCD creation). So we are not aware of standard programs as of now and also Z program what logic has to be written for DCD creation.

  1. ECC-Part 1- When sales order is created and check check fails how will the program in ECC initiate the process of creation of DCD with FSCM system.

  2. Ans: We got BADI: UKM_R3_ACTIVATE -> DCD_ACTIVATE and BADI: UKMRSE_R_DCD_MNTNO which we had activated but on click of sales order save, the BADI is not getting triggered and also in this we don’t have any logic which will fetch the relevant data to pass to FSCM for DCD creation

    1. ECC-Part 2- What data should be passed from ECC to FSCM system and logic to fetch the value?

    2. Ans: In standard BADI or even std proxy DocumentedCreditDecisionERPBusinessTransactionDocumentNotification_Out is having just the structure details, no business logic mentioned. Hence no details found what data to be sent out after looking the proxy structure

      1. ECC- Part-3- How is the data relevant for creation of DCD to be send to Sender Proxy in ECC system? Do you recognize the available programs?

      2. Ans: No, there are no program available as per the search which explain the logic what data to be sent.

        1. FSCM- Part 1- How will the data be received Receivers Proxy in FSCM system? Do you recognize the available programs?

        2. Ans: We got the std proxy DocumentedCreditDecisionERPBusinessTransaction DocumentNotification_In but when we check inside, there is no logic which explains the DCD creation. It is having only structure details.

          1. FSCM-Part 2- Once data has reached FSCM, which programs will create DCD cases with the data passed from FSCM and also with custom fields( code provided)

          2. Ans: Available classes and its method are not explaining the DCD creation, hence not aware of any standard program for DCD creation

            1. FSCM-Part 3- When the sales order release/ recheck/ rejected, how can FSCM again connect with ECC to update sales order. Attached SAP note-2240870 refers on use of RFC and 1790342 function module-UKM_SD_DOCUMENT_ACTION. Please check and let know if this is a roadblock? Ans: Checked the note 2240870: this note useful to rectify the issue once DCD creation starts working, but here DCD creation is not achieved, hence not relevant for us as of now. Note: 1790342: Not relevant, this is useful once DCD creation is on.

              1. FSCM- Part 4– Once sales order is updated , the Status on DCD case will get updated automatically. How will this happen via same RFC or functional module.

              2. Ans: This is far away, since stuck up in start itself, this is response update. This can be checked only if DCD creation starts working.

                1. Why can the proxy made available by the PO team not usable?

                2. Ans: FSCM

                  DocumentedCreditDecisionERPBusinessTransaction DocumentNotification_InCreate or change documented credit decision

                  This proxy is having only structure details, no logic which explains DCD creation


                  DocumentedCreditDecisionERPBusinessTransactionDocumentNotification_OutCreate or change documented credit decision This proxy is having only structure details, no logic which explains how the data is being fetched for DCD creation

                  Kindly help us in sharing the ideas for implementing the above requirement.

                  Appreciate for your timely help!

                  Thanks & Regards,

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                  Were you able to implement the required functionality then ?

                  To create DCD when the sales order credit check fails ?

                  Please reply.