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Implement Saver for Unmanaged BO in RAP

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Hi all,

I am currently facing issues when implementing an unmanaged BO, specifically I do not get access to the modified entities in the save-method of the custom saver implementation.

My current implementation is pretty close to the travel scenario, but the legacy API I use saves per entity and does not offer a global save as the travel scenario does.

According to the documentation the method should be supplied with a reported data structure, but in my case the contained table of entities is always empty.

Do I miss something here?

Any help is appreciated.



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It seems that these information has to be stored outside of the RAP framework, I found couple of unmanaged BO implementation that follow this approach,. e.g. CL_CRMS4_BIL_REPA.

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Reported is only used to transport information, success (or failure) messages. It is a changing parameter because previous methods called during the sequence could already have added some messages. If you did not do this, this will always be empty (and if something has failed and added information, you would not come up in the save method).

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