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Impact of change of IP address in SAP system

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  Dear Experts ,

There is a requirement that we need to change the IP address of two of our systems , But we are unaware of the implication of the changing the IP address of the systems,

1) One is Our Ecc development Server.

2) Second is BI-DEV system , which is on the Same Host on which ECC- DEV system is.

3) Another one is our Solution Manager system.

Please through some light , what kind of change we need to bring in our system, and where we need to change the description of our systems.



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Hi Rajat,

You will be required to change the following entires:

1.Maintain the new ip in saprouter file saprouttab and then restart router process.

2.Make changes in /etc/hosts file in solution manager.

3.Change the entry in Service market place under system data.Also change the url entry in system connections if http access is given to oss.

4.If system is included in ChaRM Project, first remove the system from it till the necessary changed have been made.

5.The major applications of solution manager which get affected are one's which are using managed system information from sld, lmdb

or smsy. Therefore delete the old entries from solman SLD, LMDB and smsy which contain the information about old system. Be careful

when you perform this step.

6.Push data from sld of managed system (rz70 in case of abap and nwa->data suppliers in case of java) to sld of solution manager.

7.Solution manager connects to the managed system using RFC's. Due to host or IP change these destinations wont work anymore. You

have two options :
->change ip in all the RFC's manaually
->generate new RFC's from managed system configuration in solution manager.

8.For rest of the custom created rfc's make changes manually.

9.Go through all RFC's which you have created in other systems pointing to the systems whose IP you are changing.

Note : Changes in RFC is only required if you have entered IP in place of hostname.

Otherwise just making changes in /etc/hosts will suffice.


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Robin Singh

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Thank you, Robin.  This list is very helpful.