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Image provided in server cache does not appear in Excel download

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Hello WD Experts!

I have a Web Dynpo (ABAP) ALV table with material master data. One column contains the image of the product or a "sorry, no picture" image, if no specific material image exists.

The images are not available as MIME objects, hence I load the images from an external source and push them into the server cache using the method cl_http_server=>server_cache_upload( ... ). The lifetime for the cache is defined with 600. The "sorry, no picture" -image is a MIME object.

All works fine... except for the download to Excel. Only the "sorry, no picture" -image appears. The others gets replaced by a placeholder icon which looks similar to those frequently seen in emails or slow web pages.

Why don't the cached images get downloaded to Excel???

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I would imagine this is a limitation of the Excel converter functionality within the ALV. It is probably designed to only download images that come directly from the MIME repository. The logic between the two approaches would be very different. Images in the MIME repository can be read from the database using the MIME APIs. To read the images from the Server Cache, the ABAP program would have to make an HTTP request to the cache (using CL_HTTP_CLIENT). I'm guessing the convert logic simply doesn't do this.

The other option is - is your lifetime high enough? 600 seconds seems like it would be long enough - at least for a test - there is no guarentee that in a real application the user might not display the data for more than 10 minutes before downloading. Probably not your problem, but something you might still consider if you get this working.

My only suggestion is that you would have to create your own excel conversion instead of using the ALV one.