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Image Maps and PCD

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Hi, I don't know what to do. My problem is next. In PCD location I have approximately 1000 pages and iviews, all this objects were linked with files and folders in KM. In end user Interface I can see this objects like a tree and it's ok. I created jpg file with my companie's structure, I created Image Map and Areas. When I use GeoHTML program I have coordinates for sensitive areas in jpg file and it's ok too. I need to display this file with sensitive areas in end user interface and when user cleek on sensitive area, tree must open in the place which correspond to sensitive area. (it's one of the most important item in my task). I find solution how connect Image Maps and objects in KM, but I don't find solution how connect Image Maps with objects in PCD. What should I do?

I hope on your help very much.



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not sure if this helps you - this is a long time ago I used an image map.

First have a look at the <a href="">SAPHelp: Image Maps</a>.

When you setup an imagemap for a folder the user sees this image with click-sensitive areas. When he clicks on an area the iview is used to show the contents of the directory selected. The layout of this cm.navigation iview is setup in the OTH file you have to define for the image map. So there is no connection to the iviews created in the PCD.

If you want to use the present PCD pages/iviews you could set for each iview/page a <a href="">QuickLink</a>. Then you create a <b>cm.document</b> iview which will show a HTML page where you define your imageMap. Here the link tags will be the corresponding QuickLinks.

Also you can consider using <a href="">Navigation with a Workset Map</a> - you have to decide which suits you best.