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Image Column in a Table View

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Hi there,

I try to use a Image Column in a TableView, but it doesn't work. And I don't no why.

Here is a snippet of my Code:

<htmlb:tableView id="TestTableView" table="<%=TEST_TABLE%>">


                   <htmlb:tableViewColumn columnName="STATUS"

                                            type ="USER"

                                            title = "STATUS" >

                                           <htmlb:image src = "$TVCVALUE$" />





Wat is wrong here ?

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Hallo Ali,

I came, I saw, and found no real error. But just to be sure I build a small test application, and it worked. So in principle your coding looks OK. So let me give you some random ideas, maybe one helps.

(*) This $$ replacement is something that we only support for a limited number of attributes. We have now found too many cases where it is impossible to support. Also for the new DESIGN2003 this will NOT be supported anymore. For all these cases, custom rendering should be done via the tableview iterator sequence. However, for the above tag and attribute, we did add the $$ support. It is about the last case for which it was added. But only in a very late SP (about SP26). So please check SP level.

(*) Also, for a very small time there was an error in the way that the html image did the mapping of source onto URL. For this, in SP26+SP27, see OSS/CSN note 645054.

(*) What I suspect the real problem is, is with the content of the STATUS column. You never write what is inside this column. The only thing that the image tag knows how to convert into URLs, are (a) URLs themselves that are already valid, (2) use of SAP icons in the known @nn@ format, (3) use of SAP icons in the known @S_ABBR@ format and (4) use of SAP icons in the symbolic name format, example ICON_ARROW_LEFT. You should look at what you have in the status column.

Example snippet code that I used to test with:


          TYPES: BEGIN OF ts,

                  status TYPE STRING,

                 END OF ts,

                 tt TYPE TABLE OF ts.

          DATA: t TYPE tt,

                s TYPE ts.

          s-status = '@01@'.

          APPEND s TO t.

          s-status = 'ICON_ARROW_LEFT'.

          APPEND s TO t.


Then table T was rendered correctly.

If all else fails, please route problem via OSS/CSN to us.