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ILM Migration: change ILM WebDav Store Provider

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what are our options to change the ILM WebDav Provider/Vendor.

For example we currently use OpenText and want to change to IBM (both BC-ILM certified)

Can we use a SAP driven/controlled migration?

Can we migrate the data & metadata on the "back end" and just change the ILM Store URL to the new provider?

This post mention to use the ILM File Conversion:

I assume this would mean all ILM controlled files need to be read back (From old provider e.g. OT) to SAP and stored again (new provider e.g. IBM)

@revathimpwould love your input as you seem the expert on this.

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hello @tilo-sap 
it is up to you and I suppose that SAP had foreseen to change the WebDav Provider by advance.
When SAP doesn't work do make something not happen, they make it complicated, no offence.
best regards Roland
ps: this is called Consulting 😉