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ILM Migration: change ILM WebDav Store Provider

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what are our options to change the ILM WebDav Provider/Vendor.

For example we currently use OpenText and want to change to IBM (both BC-ILM certified)

Can we use a SAP driven/controlled migration?

Can we migrate the data & metadata on the "back end" and just change the ILM Store URL to the new provider?

This post mention to use the ILM File Conversion:

I assume this would mean all ILM controlled files need to be read back (From old provider e.g. OT) to SAP and stored again (new provider e.g. IBM)

@revathimpwould love your input as you seem the expert on this.

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@tilo-sap and @revathimp

you can use the onboard ILM WebDav Provider aka ILM Store as well.

have a look to the online Document - SAP ILM based on SAP IQ Database and you will see that SAP IQ is the key.

Best Regards Roland SAP first-guidance

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Well doesn't matter what store we use. Question remains, how to change ILM store