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IIsProxy version for windows authentication

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We are in the process of installing windows authentication to our EP 6.0 portal. We are running on SP 11 J2EE with portal SP 11 patch 3.

The first question I have in document “Using Header variables or Integrated Windows Authentication” section “Installing the IIsProxy module” says for security reasons we need to install version Was this version released, we cannot find it on the service market place?

My second question, when we use version IISPROXY16_2-10001433.SAR the authentication mechanism works fine to the portal but I cannot navigate within the portal, it looks like the screen get stuck on the first Iview no matter what role you choose. When we use version IISPROXY15_0-10001969.SAR things work fine. I increased the trace while using IISProxy 16.2 but there were no errors in the logs. We would like to be on the latest version. Any idea what might be the problem?

Thanks for your help,

Mike Fasheh

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Answers (4)

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The navigation issue is caused by a HTTP 1.1 Continue request.

There is an undocumented change between 1.6.0 and 1.6.2. You must make sure that HTTP 1.1 is allowed all the way between browser and EP. First thing to check is your browser settings:

Internet Options -> Advanced -> HTTP 1.1 settings. Both checkboxes should be checked.

Also, IISProxy.xml must have "use-continue=true".

The next thing to check is Note 732048.


Mikael Gurenius

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Hi folks !

I have made this configuration a couple of times without problems (other iisproxy version), but for some reason this time is not working and Im totally desesperated =(


- 1st server, win 2003, iis 6.0: Iisproxy 1.6.2 installed, it forwards the requests correctly

- 2st. server, ibm with aix, sap ep 6.0 sp12. Configurations made for NT authentication.

The problem:

For some reason the virtual directories defined in IisProxy.xml file are not taking the IIS Security Settings (Integrated Windows Authenticated). The iisproxy is just forwarding the request, but the IIS is not making the NT authentication.

If I change the name of the virtual directory in the IisProxy.xml file (put any name). In this case, IIS applies the security settings correctly.

Any clue about this ?

Thanks a lot for your help !!!!!!

Regards from Mexico,


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You can also analyze further with the The IIS 6.0 Resource Kit Tools. I have also used WSFETCH.EXE (Version 1.2) in the past. It is freeware.


James Lorenzana

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I had the similar problem. I restarted the Portal server and Portal and things start working fine. You can also just restart IIS and see if it fixes the problem.

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There is not a 1.7 version - this was submitted to the docs group for fixing just last week.....

You are using the proper version with 16_2.

One good way to see if there is an auth problem or a proxy problem is to not care about the auth part and just focus on the proxying.

There are several troubleshooting guides for IISProxy, and you should inspect the proxy logs and check what is getting passed back and forth for those clicks that don't return what is expected. Use a browser sniffer to determine whether the URLs are same inside and outside of the proxy.

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