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Ignore Cells not at end of range

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Hello, I am using Xcelcius 2011 (Crystal Dashboarding 2011) and I was wondering if there was a way to have it ignore blank cells before the range, and during, not just the end?  If not, I'm curious as to why...?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Tom,

There isn't any default feature to accomplish this as far as i know. But you can create some functionality within a few second.

1) In Excel put a formula on leftside of your data and check whether the cell is blank. =IF(B1="",0,1)

2) Put a combobox or any selector with Filtered rows selection option.

3) Select your data including the formula column as data source, set 1 and 0 labels for labels, bind it to a destination range, set "1" as default selection on behaviour tab of combobox.

4) You can bind your destination to any component you want.

5) You can hide this combobox via sending it backward of any image/logo or component.

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