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iframe is not getting generated

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Its a very unique kind of problem which I am seeing in my quality server.

Scenario is- I have a page with three iviews (three rows one column). The very first iview has two buttons to toggle the below two iviews. That means, as the page is landed, by default button 1 is clicked and certain text is displayed in the underneath iviews. On click of button 2 the below iviews shall change the text depending on the parameter passed to it.

To achieve the same, I have used the location.href.

This thing works fine in my Dev environment. But when I moved the same code in Quality, its behavior was- only one iview got loaded at a time. On further analysing it via firebug, I found that the iframe for the complete page is getting generated. But its not generating the iframe for the two iviews.

What may be the possible reason?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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couldn't find the reason but changing the isolation method to URL helped me solve the problem.

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