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IDT : unable to create a session to CMS

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Hi Gurus

First of all, I am pretty sure you will tell me that this is so easy that I should not ask the question, but guess what...did not find out the solution...

I have a BOBJ 4.0 server, but I can not connect to it through IDT. I always get the FWM 010009 error from my PC when trying to open a session on it.

When I locally (on the server itself) use IDT to connect, it works fine...

I put on my PC the host name in the hosts file. All other applications work fine (BI launch pas, webi, etc...)

I played a bit with the ports on the BOBJ server. I deactivated antivirus, and firewalls....

Any idea on how to find the network issue ?



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FWM 010009 is a classic one when it comes to firewall issues.

Maybe you deactivated the Firewall on your BI4 Server and on your Laptop but maybe thats not enough.

Its possibly a Firewall between your PC and the BI4 Server. I would recommend the following:

1. Assign each Service a port in the CMC. Fill in the field "Request Port" Write down these ports plus the followig Ports (These are dthe default ones as long as you didnt edit them during the Setup of BI4):





2. On your Client PC open a CMD and enter the following "tracert YOURBI4SERVER.DOMAIN.COM"

3. Write down the IP Adresses you see in that Output.

4. Go to your Network Team and tell them they should please open the Ports from 1. in the Firewalls/Proxies/Routers from 3.

That should do the trick.



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Hi Sebastian,

Thanks for the answer. I think the issue is linked to the fact that the server runs on amazon web services and that the security groups permission has been modified.

Despite it looks like the the default are that all ports are open for outbound, the modifications made by one of our guy could be at the origin of that issue...

I will dig and confirm to you!

Thanks a lot for pointing that out!


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Hi PY,

i had also a customer running BI4 on AWS. On this installation we had also to narrow down all Services on the IPv6 Adress.

Maybe you try this aswell.