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idoc to jdbc scenario

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i have created scenario in a swcv under a name space (idoc to jdbc) it is working fine.


again i have created same scenario under a another swcv under name sapce . but it is not working.

for my 2 scenarios

business systems for SAP same

business systems for oracle same

but communication cahnnels different. for JDBC(ORACLE)

please give us sugitions



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Answers (2)

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What is the error you are getting ? Is it runtime Error in SXMB_MONI ?

Check the sender Interface and Sender Agreement. In the Sender Agreement , you would have given Same interface name. Now, this interface in the repository is not reflected with new SWCV and NameSpace.. SO check this in the Repository and in the directory..

Hope this helps,



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Hi Kumar,

Try to Reactivate the cache,

a)Start transaction SXI_CACHE.

b)From the context menu XI Runtime Cache select Start Complete Cache Refresh.

c)Call transaction SM58 to check the status of the refresh process. If no entry for function module SAI_CACHE3_REFRESH_BACKROUND is Present any more the cache update is finished.

Still if you face the same issue try this one also Kumar,

However the cache is not automatically updated if changes are made to the content of the System Landscape Directory. For this reason, we have to delete the System Landscape Directory cache if changes have been made to content in the System Landscape Directory. The cache is then filled each time that the System Landscape Directory is accessed.

To clear the SLD cache, from the Integration Builder main menu, choose Environment ® Delete Cache for SLD Data.

Once we have deleted the cache for SLD data, accessing objects in the SLD may take longer than usual initially.


Agasthuri Doss