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Idoc to FCC error.

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Scenario is Idoc to File scenario using BPM, needs to drop the file using FCC and BPM collect messages is used

All the fields are populating successfully but facing issues with serial number and date fields,

1. With respect to Serial Number:

from the source i will be getting 18 digit serial number padded with zeros

For eg:

Source : 000000001234506789 -- Need the ouput as 01234506789 for this i have writen UDF using substring.

but when i check this in message mapping i could see 01234506789 but at the output file i see as 1234506789

i need o to be prefixed

2. the second issue is also as similar;

i have used the data transformation,

YYYYMMDD -- using date transformation i have changed to MMDDYYYY

here when the month is below 10, i mean 1 to 9 the dates are populating at output as 9102010 --> 9th Month date 10 and the year 2010, here also when i check in Message mapping i could see 0 prefixing as 09102010.

i have the fcc parameters as:


recordheader.fieldSeperator -- ,

recordheader.endSeparator -- "nl"

Need ;your valuable inputs ASAP..



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Answers (4)

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Clearly, No problem with MM. You may want to try what zameer pointed out.. but clearly the MM looks OK as you have mentioned when u tested there. Also, check in SXMB_MONI what is finally pushed out of the pipeline steps there.. .most likely a problem with ur FCC



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Looks like you are losing extra padding zeroes in the fcc translation. As Zameer pointed out, create XML structure in the target and see how that behaves.

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can you provide the target structure along with the complete FCC parameters used?

Also, try to write output as an xml file instead of FCC in target and see if the '0' is still removed.

this might confirm if your mapping is working fine or not.

Edited by: Zameer Hamza on Jun 17, 2011 1:41 PM

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Hi Sai,

--> For your first case use FORMATNUM funciton and try it.

-->For the second case check the incoming date and as per that alter the date parameters in the data transformation step as per requirement.