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IDOC processing - QRFC?

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Hi all,

I have a scenario where two IDOCs are created from one source message - PO update and PR update. The PO IDOC has to be posted before PR IDOC and if the PO fails the corresponding PR has to be queued behind it till the PO one is successfully reprocressed.

Using the maintain order option in interface determination I can ensure that the idocs are in sequence in Pi but can the same same sequence be maintained in the ECC system too??

I use a trfc port for the partner profile config... Is it possible to process IDOC using qrfc queues in ECC?

There is always the alternate solution of collecting the IDOC in ECC and sequence the transfer using the RBDAPP01 program...but I would like to avoid that if possible.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You may consider using Serialization of IDOCs.. (& not QRFC's)... Serialization help you to define the sequence in which IDOC Message types should be processed.

QRFC dosen't serve your requirement, as it might put all IDOCS in a single Queue. If one of the IDOC's fails, the rest will be clogged until its cleared.

- Siva Maranani

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