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IDOC Error with STATUS 51

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I has a JMS-XI-IDOC Scenario where i has used BPM to get the response from RFC wehre the RFC input is the message from JMS.

The Response Message from RFC is mapped to IDOC .The Scenario is working and the IDOC is getting created in SAP System Iam getting the Error with Status = 51 and the required field LIFNR not found.

Request you to please provide the suggestion whether i need to make any settings to resolve this.

Thanks & Regards,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Check Whether the Field LIFNR is mandatory or not, then do relevant Mapping for that field.'



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi Raj,

The input which you are getting from the field LIFNR ( Vendor Number) may be a mandatory field.

There are two options:

1.If LIFNR is a required and mandatory field ,then input the value of the vendor number and make the field LIFNR as the mandatory field in mapping ( message mapping in XI).

2. Without considering LIFNR as a mandatory or non mandatory field ,make the field LIFNR as an optional field in mapping ( message mapping in XI).

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Hi !

Status 51 in most cases is because of lock occured in R3, you can check the kind of error in BD87. If it is a lock error then you can directly say process all

also check in the last page of this URL


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