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IDOC Distribution steps - Specifically Changes to EH&S phrases

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I need to capture change to EH&S phrases in IDocs and distribute them along the R/3 landscape. I am trying to outline the necessary steps. Please fill in blanks if necessary:

1. Capture EH&S phrases in IDoc

--> I think done tru EH&S ALE config

--> For EH&S people I am using version 2.7B and for some reason IDoc PHRMAS/PHRMAS01 which I think will be used to distribute phrases has main segment not released.

2. Add target systems to distribution model.

--> How do I configure distribution model

--> Is distribution automatic? I need it to be manual (i.e: triggered by program)

3. What is the table to retrieve unprocessed IDocs, so that I can select them for distribution?

Thanks in advance for your help

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Raynald

I do not know about IDoc processing special to your scenario, however, the IDoc distribution type is mainly related to the port definition.

When IDocs are created, their status infos are stored in the table EDIDS. You can track there. There are customizations to adjust statuses.

This is what I know, hope some other may bring more...


*--Serdar <a href="">[ BC ]</a>

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Raynald,

I can answer questions 2 and 3.

2. To configure the distribution module (its in the basis section of the IMG - transaction SPRO), you need to select SOURCE systems and TARGET systems. You may have many different SOURCE and TARGET systems so I will leave this part to you. But for each SOURCE system you just add the messages that are to be distributed to each TARGET system. The interface for this is quite intuitive. Important steps include the the distributing the distribution model to all SOURCE AND TARGET systems (done from the distribution model maintenance screen), and creating of partners for sending and receiving messages (you must log on to each SOURCE and TARGET client and run the option from the distribution model screen, AFTER you have distributed the distribution model to that client).

In general distribution is manual (although it can be automated using change pointers, see point 3). There are reports associated with each of the message types (accessed from the ALE section of the easy access menu in R/3, not sure for EH&S) which allow you to select which objects you would like to transfer between systems. You are free to call these directly from your own programs.

3. You can set up change pointers to capture changes that should be transferred via idocs. In this way the distribution of idocs can be automated (but even with change pointers can still be manual). See the following help link for some information on change pointers link to ALE:

If you want to record changes using change pointers, but still have control over distribution, you can set the idocs to be Collected at the partner level (transaction WE20) rather than sent immediately. You can then submit the program RSEOUT00 to send the idocs.

You can also just read changes in the CDHDR and CDPOS (change header and item tables respectively) tables to recognise changes in objects and distribute Idocs via your own programs.

Hope that helps.