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IDOC bundling & IDOC packing

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Can you explain with examples for IDOC bundling & IDOC packing

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Selvam,

Mass processing refers to <b>bundling</b> IDocs into packets that are then dispatched and processing in the receiving SAP system. Only one RFC call is needed to transfer several IDocs.

Creating IDoc Packets

If you send master data directly, a function module creates an IDoc for each master data object, for example, material. In most cases more than one master data object can be passed to the function modules for IDoc creation.

Kindly refer to the links specified below for more help:

<b>Idoc Bundling:</b>

<b>Idoc Packing:</b>

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Sai Ganesh

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Answers (3)

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hi Gabriel,

here is the full details of IDOC

go to page 84,85 for Idoc bundling and page 76 for idoc packing

for any query related with IDOC follow index and concern pages.

Also follow this useful link bu Michal Krawczyk


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Sumit Gupta

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IDoc bundling is like sending multiple IDoc ...

Ex Scenario: U have file containing Multiple Sales order and for every sales order u are generating an IDoc so in the mapping u change the occurance of IDoc. Consider that the occurance of IDoc is 1-1 and now by exporting the IDoc and making changes to the occurance as 1- unbounded in the XSD. Now by importing this xsd we can send multiple IDoc this is IDoc bundling.

IDoc Packing is someting Viceversa to IDoc Bundling.

Ex Scenario: Multiple IDoc each containing a Sales Order is sent to XI and we want a single file to be containg all the IDoc sales order details. So we collect all the IDoc sent by R/3 for a perticular time or condition and do a mapping to generate a single file.


> 3) IDoc Bundling,


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Idoc Packaging:

Idoc Bundling:




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