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IdM 8 with Sybase and JPA

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Greetings! I am trying to access the IdM db(deployed with Sybase) through JPA, but the JPA manager reports that all table/views (idmv_* / mxi_*) are missing their columns although I had generated the entities with the JPA generator.

The user we are connecting with is MXMC_rt. If I manually create a custom table under MXMC_rt and generate the entity with the JPA gen. I can use and access the table just fine.

Am I missing a permission? Or it is something related to the Sybase, because we are accesing the above mention IdM views/tables just fine with JPA+Oracle db

Our environment is:

Netweaver 7.31

JPA 1.0

Sybase 12 ASE

IdM 8

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Hello Alexandr,

That's an interesting question. If you are logging in using mxmc_rt then you should not have an issue. At least I have not with any third party product I've ever used.

The only thing that comes to mind is the database back-end, Sybase ASE, which I have no experience with. Therefore I see two options:

1. Try the integration using another back end to see if it is JPA 1.0 and Sybase

2. Try 2.0? (just a guess) also check your documentation for compatibility with Sybase ASE.

3. Consider another approach to achieve your objective. What is it that you want to do?



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Hi, Matt!

Thank you for the suggestions!! I have mentioned that our JPA works with IdM 7+Oracle, but thats not the case with IdM 8 + Sybase. The major issue is that we can`t use JPA 2.0 due to internal limitations/reasons. (Although I would really love to ).

I would try to change the Persistence Provider and see if it works ...