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IDM 7.2 SP4 UI Issues

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We are seeing an unusual issue in our SAP IDM 7.2 SP4 environments...

Every so often we will see the following messages

Which will then repeat (This will make sense in a moment.

Then we get:

Has anyone else seen this? It's a real pain in our DEV/Q environments as we have people jumping in and out all the time.  So far we have not been able to find an event that seems to trigger it.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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It seems to me that you have installed the MMC Admin UI on multiple desktops – with different variants of Keys.ini files.

If you then create the runtime connection strings on one desktop you will get these error messages on the other desktops. If you then fix the problem by redefining the strings on the other desktop, you have just reversed the problem.

Best regards,

Thor Egil

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