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ICNV - Data transfer on individual tables

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I am using ICNV to convert segmented tables to partitioned. Is it possible to start/stop "data transfer" on an individual table if I have more than one table in the ICNV worklist? I can control which table to "initialize" and which table to trigger the "switch". But there seem to be no option to start or stop "data transfer" on an individual table. Therefore when I kick off data transfer, all tables that are eligible for data transfer are triggered. Am I missing something or is it working as designed? Environment is Basis ECC, patch 8 running DB-V8 on z/OS.


Kiran Nair

(John Deere)

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Hi Kiran,

your observation is correct. At the moment it is not possible to start/stop the ICNV data transfer for individual tables. However, you can define when the data transfer should be omitted for each individual table with 'Control->Exclusion times'. If you do not define anything, the data transfer is always possible as long as the table is in 'Conversion' status.

Best Regards,


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Hi Bernd,

Thanks for your response. Hope SAP will add this feature in its forthcoming releases. For the time being I will try using exclusion times.