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ICE Differential package upload - object deletion

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I am having an issue with uploading a differential package into another KM repository. As I understand, a differential package will download the data necessary for an incremental update, i.e. any renamed, new or deleted objects will be updated in the target repository.

The issue that I am seeing is that when I delete an object from the source KM, and run through the usual steps:

- create a link to the node that the deleted object was under (other objects still exist)

- create a differential package (root > ice > root > ice > Syndicator > Global Offer > differential package)

- save the zip to local

- upload the package to the new environment using: Content Management > Content Exchange > Package Upload

The deleted object is not removed from this environment. Am I missing a step, doing something wrong or is the deletion just not possible? Any help would be appreciated,



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Answers (2)

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According to the OSS note I raised the deletion of objects in the target system is not possible when carrying out a manual ICE export/import.

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That's true.

Deletions are only possible in online mode.

In offline mode differential packages will only contain content that has been added or modified.

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Hi James,

Have you received a reponse to this yet, as the problem I am facing seems to be almost identical to this.