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IB52 iBase Lessons Learned - Delete, Insert, Update, Search

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I had to overcome a lot of things in IB52 and iBase, and I thought it would be good to share so that you could avoid these headaches. The SDN community has been very helpful to me and I appreciate it.

Solman 4.0 SPS13



1) I assumed that the iBase got updated from SMSY or DSWP Solutions, or SLD, be alas it actually appears to be all manual and there is no referential integrity to anything else - it doesn't get automatically updated, you update manually following the pattern. If you find that this is wrong, please reply.

2) How to insert - you type in the text tab, there is no normal insert button like most other screens

3) How to delete - you CUT, there is no normal delete button like most other screens. CUT did not even work for me until I applied the note 1049800. Other SDN posting suggest setting the delete flag at the component level and then running archiving/deleting. Those were all wrong for me and it appeared to not be a component level activity, but at the iBase level. Furthermore, they did not have accurate or complete information.

4) No Application Help for the screen - SPRO contains more documentation on iBase than the actual screen does

5) Some menu options are in Gerrman - minor annoyance

6) The first screen you get to in IB52 is actually a search screen - there is no execute button and it doesn't behave like most other normal search screens. A newby can be confused by this and be concerned that they are actually updating data in the screen because the text on the screen says "change" not "search".

I hope you can avoid the experience I had with iBase and IB52.

Thank you,


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Hey John,

Nice that you have shared this info....