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IAS with Work Zone, Standard Edition

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Hi community

I have different questions regarding the topic IAS with Work Zone, Standard Edition. Background: In my trial account, I activate my custom IAS and establish the trust between the subaccount and the IAS, no issues with that part.


1. With this configuration, I'm able to "select between default and IAS" if I open the site (launchpad). The question is, when the solution is deployed to prod, the best option to view the login when the user enters the site URL from IAS is disabled the option "Available for User Logon" for the Default Identity Provider?

2. In the settings of the Site Manager (in Work Zone, Standard Edition) exists the tab "Identity Authentication". If I activate this, an application in the Cloud Identity Service is created. With this option, now I can directly access to the login page defined in the IAS if I put the site URL in the browser.

The thing with this option is that, when I enter to the application Work Zone, Standard Edition (to access the site manager) the login is only with a user in the IAS. Who can I separate the access to the "administrative stuff" (site manager) with the default IAS and the site with the custom IAS?

3. And finally, with point two already generated, I wonder if it is possible to generate a different login screen in the custom IAS for each site that is generated in Site Manager. Example, provide two different sites and do the rebranding with different logos in the login screen and emails.

Best regards.

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Hi All,

I don’t see the Identity authentication tab on SAP build workzone settings section. Although i have configured my trial account with Custom IAS teant and also i have the Launchpad admin role.


Please check and help me with the issue.