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I would like to print a PDF document in landscape format

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We have 6000 Document in our SAP Content Server. I would like to print a PDF document in landscape format (DINA4).

The Document are stored in landscape format. When I print this File over the ADS to the Printer, then the Printer print it portrait format and the data on the right is cut off.

I print the PDF Files with the same Function as here (My first Step is to checkout the Document from the Content Server, that works).

I check the Report and the Class/Interface (we use SAP_BASIS 750)

The Report RSPO_TEST_MERGE_PDF_FILES has no option to rotate the Document, and the class CL_RSPO_PDF_MERGE has no option to rotate.

How can I rotate the Document? Or witch is the right setting to print this Documents in landscape format?


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What did you find in the SAP notes? (search "ADS orientation", should be sufficient) You can understand that the orientation depends on the ADS configuration XML file for the type of the printer you use (the printer language like PCL, PS, ZPL, etc.) because PDF must be converted when it's printed (unless the printer supports the PDF language, it's not frequent if I'm not wrong).

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