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I want to extract data from SAP HANA ECC

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Hi There,

This is my first question on the community. I'm new to SAP ECC on HANA. I want to pull data about the User-Role assignments from HANA DB by SQL Server. I have installed HANA ODBC driver, and managed to connect the database from SQL Server.

But, I do not know which tables to access in order to get the above mentioned information.

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Hi ,

Security related tables for ECC are listed below:

Before you pull it, do the data browse using tcode SE16, find the relevant tables and then do it.

and ProfileAGR_1016BRole and ProfileAGR_1250Role and
Authorization dataAGR_1251Role Object,
Authorization, Field and ValueAGR_1252Organizational
elements for authorizationsAGR_AGRSRoles in Composite
RolesAGR_DEFINETo See All Roles
(Role definition)AGR_HIER2Menu structure
information – Customer versAGR_HIERTRole menu textsAGR_OBJAssignment of Menu
Nodes to RoleAGR_PROFProfile name for
roleAGR_TCDTXTAssignment of roles
to TcodesAGR_TCODESAssignment of roles
to TcodesAGR_TEXTSFile Structure for
Hierarchical Menu – CusAGR_TIMETime Stamp for
Role: Including profileAGR_USERSAssignment of roles
to usersDD02LSAP TablesDD02TR/3 DD- SAP table textsDD03LTable FieldsDD04TData element textsTDDATTSTCSAP Transaction CodesTSTCATransaction Code,
Object, Field and ValueTSTCTTransaction Code TextsUSER_ADDRAddress Data for
usersUSGRPUser groupsUSGRPTText table for
USGRPUSH02Change history for
logon dataUSOBTRelation
transaction to authorization object (SAP)USOBT_CRelation
Transaction to Auth. Object (Customer)USOBXCheck table for
table USOBTUSOBX_CCheck Table for
Table USOBT_CUSOBXFLAGSTemporary table for
storing USOBX/T* changUSR01User Master
(runtime data)USR02Users Data (logon
data)USR03User address dataUSR04User master
authorization (one row per user)USR05User Master Parameter IDUSR06Additional Data per UserUSR10Authorisation
profiles (i.e. &_SAP_ALL)USR11Text for
authorisation profilesUSR12Authorisation
valuesUSR13Short text for
authorisationUSR40Table for illegal
passwordsUST04User profiles
(multiple rows per user)UST10CComposit profiles
(i.e. profile has sub profile)