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I want to display the OVS value as ID-Description.

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HI All

i have a question.

1. In SupplierInvoice, we created a field called "FixedAssetID (Data Type: MasterFixedAssetID)."

2. SupplierInvoice QA screen Item List was added by pressing the "Add Extension Field to List" button.

3.Then press the "Change ID-Field Configuration in List" button to select "fixedassetid" public ovs.

4."Presentation Mode" is selected as "IDAndDescription".

5. If you look at the SupplierInvoiceQA screen I want to print the OVS value as ID-Description. However, when selected in the ovs window, only the ID is displayed, and when selected as DropDown, the value is printed as ID-Description.

Can I make ID-Description appear even if I select it in OVS window?

Thank you.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Jinho Lee,

You can refer or (Part 14), hope this will help.

Thanks & Regards,


Dear Deepty Mohnani

Thanks, it was helpful!

Jinho Lee

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Hello Deepty,

It's suggested to use BCSets in KBA, while doing so, we have dropdown values of more than 200+ records, is it possible to mass upload the value of BCSets using ABSL or any means ?



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