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i need information regarding TPM??

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1> TPM is used to create only party or else we can create entire scenario in TPM instead of creating scenario integration directory ?? if it is possible then how. can anyone share me the link ???

2> instead of TPM we can create party in ID, then what is the main advantage of creating party in TPM or ID ??

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  1. No, TPM cannot stand alone for configurations of integration scenarios. TPM complements B2B integrations, but scenarios are still needed to be setup in ID.
  2. Creating a party in TPM does not create the party in ID, but you are able to link party in TPM with party in ID.

TPM is used to setup additional configuration for partners a company is doing B2B with. It contains information about contact, identifiers, message formats, certificates, SLA, special mapping rules (profiles) and most importantly the EDI agreements.

TPM configuration is accessed through various adapter modules and adapters and helps supporting execution of B2B flows e.g. sending back technical and functional acknowledgements for received EDI transmission, error handling of unsupported EDI transmissions, extended information in B2B Message Monitor and a whole lot more.

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