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I have some problems in getting input value of tableview

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First of all, I separate my page into three trays by <htmlb:tray>

In the view of the second tray, I use the tableview.

<htmlb:tableView headerText = "Update Confirmation"

headerVisible = "true"

id = "tv_update"

width = "100%"

visibleRowCount = "8"

selectionMode = "MULTILINEEDIT"

filter = "server"

sort = "server"

table = "<%=T_UPDATE%>">


<htmlb:tableViewColumn columnName = "DEL_NO" />

<htmlb:tableViewColumn columnName = "ITM_NO" edit="TRUE" />

<htmlb:tableViewColumn columnName = "BATCH" edit="TRUE" />



In the buttom, I have an adjust button.

<htmlb:button id="adjust" text="Adjust" onClick="adjust"/>

In the controller of this view, I try to get value from selected row in DO_HANDLE_EVENT.

class cl_htmlb_manager definition load.


NAME = 'tableView'

ID = 'tv_update' ).

if l_tv is not initial.

l_tv_event = l_tv->data.



However, the l_tv_event->PREVSELECTEDROWINDEXTABLE is initial, although I click any row in the tableview

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Answers (4)

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allRowsEditable = "TRUE"

inside your <htmlb:tableView> tag this is necessary if you want any of your column to be edit="true".

this makes the event to read the value inside PREVSELECTEDROWINDEXTABLE also.

and you will receive your desired value.

hope this will solve your problem, else reply.



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I try to use the onRowSelection = "myEvent", but it doesn't work.

And, the method DO_HANDLE_EVENT is triggered.

I think it concerns with the tray I define like this

(my table view is called by the

<htmlb:tray id="tray2" title="Confirmation" design="form" width="100%" isCollapsed="false">


<bsp:call url="" comp_id="update_confirm"/>



I used to do by using <htmlb:group>. It can get value from PREVSELECTEDINDEXROWTABLE correctly. Do anyone have the source code that using the tray and having the tableview in the view of that tray?

Moreover, in the DO_HANDLE_EVENT, I called another method, Adjust_data. In the method 'Adjust_data', I put all source code used for getting data from tableview. Is there any concerns?

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Hi Warot,

>>Do anyone have the source code that using the tray and having the tableview in the view of that tray?

You can look at ITMVC2 application for that.



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HI Warot,

Have you tried to debug the application?Is it going to DO_HANDLE_EVENT ?

IF not then maybe you have missed the DISPATCH_INPUT( ) method call when you call your view from DO_INIT or DO_REQUEST method .

Is the application stateful?



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Hi Warot,

Include this in your table View tag in layout:

<b>onRowSelection = "myEvent"</b>

Then only an event is run on selection of the row. Try to include this and for further problems pls revert back.