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I am getting error on calling external function Navigate(Other functions also) of Microsoft Web Browser using OLE in our application.

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I am using PowerBuilder 12.6 on windows 8.1/10  64-bit system. In my application an OLE control Embedded with Microsoft Web Browser and it is used to Browse and select files.

With Source files(PBLs), application runs smoothly.

EXE built for 32-Bit platform works fine.

Error occurs only in EXE built for 12.6 64-Bit platform.

Anything extra I have to do, to run EXE in 64-bit system?

Is there any alternative for (OLE) control of Microsoft Web Browser?

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So, I have the same problem

Is it webbrowser control for 64 bit?

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Hi ;

  Where you are running a 64bit version of W7/8/10, the Internet Explorer version 10 or higher will also be running in 64bit mode. However, the Web Browser OCX supplied from MS is 32bit. In fact, there are very few browser add-ons that are 64 bit currently.

  My Canadian government clients have this issue as well for many software packages and home frown applications that need a 32bit mode in order to run. What they did was change the MS-Windows registery to have each Tab Page run in 32 bit mode under the 64bit IE Web Browser. You can get IE to run this way by using this work around, as follows...

To work around this issue, change the value of the TabProcGrowth registry entry to an integer number that is greater than 0. To do this, follow these steps:

1) Run RegEdit

2) Locate and then select the following registry entry:

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\TabProcGrowth

3) Change the value of the registry entry to something > 0

Here is what I have set on my development PC currently ...


Regards ... Chris

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The simple answer is NO. Unless there is a very good technical reason why you MUST use 64bit, you should not use it. You are just going to open yourself up to these sorts of issues. You will also need the 64bit version of the database interface and any other apps you interact with (Word/Excel for example).

32bit applications work perfectly fine on 64bit versions of Windows.

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I don't have an answer about the WebBrowser specifically, but why not just stick with the 32-bit EXE? It works fine on 64-bit systems, and then you don't have to maintain two versions of your app.