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I am getting an invalid data type error in WEBI

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Hi Guys,

I need help to resolve this problem.

I need to create a variable to calculate some risk but I am having some issue in WEBI

The formula I am using works fine in excel but not in webi.

Excel formula

=IF(T=0,1,IF(T<N,(N-T)/N,IF(T=" Very Late",1,0)))

I did this in webi

If([V_EPS]=0;1; If([V_EPS]<KTIc Qty];([KTIc-V_EPS])/[KTIc]; If([V_EPD]=" Very Bad"; 1;0)))

Where T = EPS, N=KITc,

I am getting this syntax error

The expression or sub-expression @ position 13 in the “=” function uses an invalid data type (IES 10037)

Any help?

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