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hyperlink in notification email

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i configured notification about approval workflow via email. now i would like to add the link to the portal to the text of the email. how can i include a hyperlink in the xml-file of the notification?


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thank you for your answer roland. i knew that - what i would like to know are the possible xml-tags in these files. i would like to inklude a hyperlink in a file and i do not know how to tag in the km-xml.


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Hi Matthias,

the XML/XSL is more or less free to be completly rewritten to fit your needs. (as long as the files are valid XML files).

Here's how the mechanism works:

In the top section of the XSL there are some empty parameters. These parameters will be filled by KM Pipeline Service, which is called to create the HTML notifications. The Pipeline Service will load the XML aswell as the XSL, add some meaningful values to the XSL properties and then transform the XML to a HTML mail, by the rules of the XSL.

So a standard XSLT will take place. You can simulate this with every XML/XSL Editor/Tool of your chooise that supports XSLT. (e.g. for windows machines google for "Cooktop" (and "Xalan" as Transformer))

If you simply would like to add a link to the HTML mail (and keep the rest of the mail as it is), simply add the link (as HTML Tag <a href="...">bla</a>) to the XSL. (Somewhere at the top you'll see the XSL defining the HTML Frame for the mail. Simply add your link somewhere in here.) For quick and easy testing reasons, please use a XSLT compatible tool....

Hope this clears things up a little...