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huge amount of archivelog after upgrading to oracle 11

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Dear all,

we have upgradated our BI system from 7.20 on oracle 10 to BI 7.40 on oracle 11.

after performing this operation we are experiencing a great volume of archive log produced by the solution.

We have followed even the instruction of sap note 1431798 and 1627481 enhancing the size of online redolog to 400 MB each.

Any suggestion to overcome the problem?


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Hi Bruno,

> Any suggestion to overcome the problem?

The amount of generated redo is usually triggered by the application behavior and not by the Oracle database itself (disregarding some uncommon used Oracle features in SAP environments or bugs in general).

However you can determine who or what is causing the new amount of redo with Log Miner (DBMS_LOGMNR) by analyzing the redo / archive log files. As you are talking about a SAP BI system i would guess that some logic has changed or that some operations are executed with the LOGGING option now (e.g. CREATE / REBUILD INDEX in BI chains).