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HttpSession equivalent in WebDynpro

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1)What is the HttpSession object equivalent in WebDynpro? We need to use feature to store and retrieve some information in user session so that it can be used across multiple webDynpro applications for the user.

2) We would also need to store some information in memmory in application level so that it can be used in multiple applications for all users. Please advice how to achieve this in WebDynpro? Is there any "application" level scope for memmory objects in WebDynpro?

Pls help



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Check out the WDScopeUtil class. It has put and get methods for setting properties at the desired scope, similar to HttpSession.

public static void put(WDScopeType scopeType,
                       java.lang.String key,
                       java.lang.String value)

Method put puts the value into the specified scope. Consider the danger of name clashes when generating the keys. All application instances could share the same scope dependent of the scope type.

public static java.lang.String get(WDScopeType scopeType,
                                   java.lang.String key)

Method get reads the value from the specified scope.

For example:

WDScopeUtil.get(WDScopeType.CLIENTSESSION_SCOPE, "Your Property Here");

Let us know how it works.


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Using Scope is not the answer. This is an internal WD class and will not be supported in future. Please see Bertram Ganz's blog titled <a href="/people/bertram.ganz/blog/2005/02/02/never-ever-hijack-internal-web-dynpro-classes-and-interfaces">Never Ever Hijack Internal Web Dynpro Classes and Interfaces</a>.



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WDScopeUtil and -Type are part of the API, WDScopeType.CLIENTSESSION_SCOPE is deprecated.