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HTTP type destination not working when used for retreving data from onpremise system

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In the tutorial at step 3- Adapt code, it is mentioned to create the HTTP destination.

We have HTTP destination created and available in SCP global account. I selected destination type as "HTTP", Proxy Type as "ON premise" and authentication as "Basic ". when tested in SCP it is working successfully. however when used in the CREATE_BY_CLOUD_DESTINATION method, it is giving error.

Connection test:

Then I created new destination. Destination Type "HTTP", Proxy type "Internet". When tested in SCP it not working and giving the below error

I do not have cloud connector installed on my system. Do I need to add to have cloud connector to create internet type HTTP destination ? If that is the case do we need cloud connector for every developer .user to access the CDS entity readig data from on premise suing the HTTP destiantion

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Product and Topic Expert
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Hello Madhusudhan,

No, you don't need to add cloud connector to create destination of Proxy type - Internet. Please share more details regarding the error you're getting.

Also, you need to add cloud connector to create destination of Proxy type - On Premise as it establishes the required connection between your SCP tenant & the backend On-Premise system.

Regards, Pawan

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Issue is resolved. In the method to get the cloud destiantion with HTTP, added additional aprameter as Service sepcific