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Http- to-File

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Hi XI Gurus,

I would like work on Http-to-File scenario, i.e. I need to use Http adaptor and File Adaptor for above scenario.

Could you please provide procedural steps for this, both Design and Configuration?

Advance thanks


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Hi Bala,

Have a look at this pdf: "Step-By-Step Approach for Implementing XI Scenarios".



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You want to pass some content from your HTTP client into a File. this is what I ahve understood from

your query.


1. Create DataTypes for source and Destinations. Create elements for all the text fields of your HTTP Client so that they can all be mapped into the destination file

2. Craate MessageTypes for the two datatypes.

3.Create Message Interfaces. the One for HTTP is the sender, Asynchronous ( as no response is expected) and one for File is receiver, asynchronous.

4. Do the mapping. It will be mostly a one to one mappingof the fields.

5.Create the Interface Mapping.


1. Import your Business System under your Configuration Scenario.

2.Create 2 communication channels. One for Http as a sender and one for File as a receiver.

check these links for the confiuration part.

3.Do the Receiver Agreement for file. HTTP doesnt need a sender agreement.

4.DO the Receiver Determination and Interface Determination.

Do let me know if you have further clarifications,



PS. Do not forget to award points fo helpful answers.

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Hi Bala,

Here go the links, which will help you do it right from creating datatypes until configuring the adapters:)

For file adapter configuration:-

For Http adapter configuration:-

Weblog which talk about the same scenario:-

/people/sriram.vasudevan3/blog/2005/01/11/demonstrating-use-of-synchronous-asynchronous-bridge-to-integrate-synchronous-and-asynchronous-systems-using-ccbpm-in-sap-xi - although this weblog is

aimed at explaining the sync-async bridge..sriram has taken http-to-file scenario as the example

(use case) and explained it..

Apart from this, if you have any particular queries regarding the!



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Should be just like developing any other interface. The only peculiarity is that in the Configuration you won't have any Sender Agreement nor any Http Sender Communication Channel, as it is managed directly by the ABAP stack.

Mind that the URL to which you'll send http data will have this syntax:

  • http://hostname:port/path

  • ?namespace=???

  • &interface=???

  • &service=???

  • &party=???

  • &agency=???

  • &scheme=???

  • [&qos= EO|BE|EOIO]

  • [&msgguid=???]

  • [&queueid=???]

  • [&trace=[1|2|3]]

where port is 80<sysnr> (not 5<sysnr>00 which is J2EE!)

and path is /sap/xi/adapter_plain

Have fun!


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Hi bala,

u should have a HTTP client to send message to XI.In the connecting parameters to XI u have to use the URL in the pattern mentioned by Alex.U have to give all the configuration details in the URL. Here i'm giving one sample url which i've used.


And remaining steps are similar in IR & ID like any other scenario.

u can define every thing like Datatpe,Msg.type, Msg.Mapp, Intf.Mapping ,Receiver agreement, recv.Determination, and any normal scenario.

hope this helps.