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HTTP Server is red

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installed TREX 7... & connected to EP7... but now the http server in trex monitor is red...

iis is working...

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Answers (3)

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Here i will refer trex system installation dir as D:\usr\sap\trex_<instance no>.

1. Create Web Service extensions

Add a new extension name – TrexHttpServer

Required files -

add - D:\usr\sap\trex_<instance no>\WebServer\TREXISAPIExt.dll

Set extension status to allowed

2. Create Application Pool - appPool_TREX_<trex instance number>

3. create website - SAP_TREX_<trex instance no>

path - D:\usr\sap\trex_<instance no>

application name - none

application pool - DefaultAppPool

4. Create a virtual Directory - "TREXHttpServer"

path - D:\usr\sap\trex_<instance no>\webserver

application name - TREXHttpServer

Execute permissions - Scripts and Executables

Application Pool - ApplPool_TREX_<instance no>

5. Right click on D:\usr\sap\trex_<instance no> and Choose Properties --> Security.

Add TREX user with full control and IUSR_hostname with read and execute permissions.

6. Open the TREX configuration file TREXWebServer.ini in D:\usr\sap\trex_<instance no> and change

the URL to <http://><trexserver>:<port>/TrexHttpServer/TREXISAPIExt.dll>

7. Open Dos prompt and execute command “iisreset”. THIS IS THE LINE

8.Stop and start the Trex Server.

9.Execute the url "http://<trexserver>:<port>/TrexHttpServer/TREXISAPIExt.dll?CMD=PING"

in browser and you should see "OK Server Connection".

10. Open Trex administration and you should see green light besides https server.

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Are your application pool for the TREX running as well in the IIS?

Check this in the IIS MMC and there in application pools.

That is the identity for the application pool for TREX?

It mus be a administrator or local system.

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It is a permission problem. the user that the IIS runs with have no permissions to the TREX webserver folder.