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HTTP - RFC problem...

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Hi guys,

I'm having the following scenario,

1) HTTP -> XI-> RFC

2)RFC -> XI -> HTTP

Meaning, I'm trying to send a XML file by HTTP which will then be read by a call to a RFC. This RFC will then return a ok_code which will then be sent by HTTP.

The problem is: How do I know that the HTTP was able to send the file?

Where can i see if there is any error or even if the RFC function was executed?

Is there any transaction which enables me to monitor the process?

In the RWB monitoring i didn't found any tool which could help me...

Please guys, it's an urgent problem...

Thank you all in advance

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I've found the error...

When the browser tries to execute the following url:


I get a pop up to introduce a user and a pass to access SAP WEB Application Server but the problem is that despite all the users i introduce and the well formed passwords, i always get

" HTTP 401 - Unauthorized

Call of URL http://srv04.tecnidata.sgps/sap/xi/adapter_plain terminated due to error in logon data.</"

Does anyone have any ideas....? please....? It's urgent

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Hi Goncalo,

try maintaining your logon parameter directly in transaction SICF in sap/xi/adapter_plain and double click to maintain the logon parameters.


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ok, I've finally got rid of that annoying problem.

I've trying to send the XML file by HTTP which will call a RFC function.This works really good. I'm able to see in R/3 the parameters from the file mapped on the importing parameters of the RFC Function.

The RFC function has an exporting parameter (OK_CODE - type char 3) which will be mapped on a OK_CODE type string. I would then like to see the value of that ok_code returned to the HTTP.

IN the RWB I can monitor the messages.

When I execute the request, I can see the message sent from serviceN1 to service N2:

" Successful 23.11.2005 12:10:06 23.11.2005 12:10:06 Logifarma_BS_02 urn:gv:workshop:jaba_logifarma:legacy

MI_Logifarma_export_entradas_out Jaba_BS_02 urn:sap-com:document:sap:rfc:functions


But I don't get any message from the serviceN2 to service N1.

If I execute the request from the RWB, on the Component Monitoring->Integration Engine ->Test Message I get on the message monitoring the following results:

"System Error 23.11.2005 11:31:32 23.11.2005 11:31:32 Jaba_BS_02 urn:sap-com:document:sap:rfc:functions


Successful 23.11.2005 11:31:17 23.11.2005 11:31:17 Logifarma_BS_02 urn:gv:workshop:jaba_logifarma:legacy

MI_Logifarma_export_entradas_out Jaba_BS_02 urn:sap-com:document:sap:rfc:functions


It seems that JABA_BS_02 tries to send the answer to whom?

Do I have to do anything in the ID or IR for the HTTP be ready to get the file apart from the mapping on request and response?

Please help....