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http://j2eehost:50000/sap/monitoring/SystemInfo <access permission>

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Hi all,

in order to monitoring the J2EE engine status through the browser path : http://j2eehost:50000/sap/monitoring/SystemInfo.

A read only a/c need to be created for the monitoring purpose, after following action assigned to the user, it still can't display the path of error "no authorized to display" in the browser:

sap.com_tclmwebadmin~permissions SystemInfo_Display

sap.com_tclmwebadmin~permissions Systems_Display

sap.com_tclmwebadmin~permissions LocalSLD_Display

sap.com_tclmwebadmin~permissions Monitoring_Display

sap.com_tclmwebadmin~permissions Performance_Display

sap.com_tclmwebadmin~permissions Logs_Display

sap.com_tclmwebadmin~permissions Applications_Display

is there any permission missed above or any other way to monitor the J2EE engine status?

thanks advance for the help.

have a nice day!!!

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Answers (1)

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The path is correct.

Run trace on J2EE server for missing authorizations through t-code ST01.

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But the server is J2EE stack only, no abap instance, so how can I trace it, thanks.

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Login with J2EE Administrator or a create a user with the same authorizations as J2EE Administrator.

If you are trying with EP System Administrator's ID it will not work.You have to use J2EE Administrator priviliges.