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HTTP destination IED_100 does not exist (system , transaction SM59)

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Hi guys,

When I try to send a xml file to WAS using ABAP Proxy I receive this error message: "HTTP destination IED_100 does not exist (system , transaction SM59)".

I did a test connection in sm59 for http connections/R/3 systems and the messagem bellow is ICM_HTTP_CONNECTION_FAILDED.

What could be wrong?

Thanks in advance,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I think the error lies in the HTTP Connection that u created in SM59, Check the <b> Connection type, Target host,Path and Service No </b>, has been given correctly or not... then it works Sure...


Sridhar Reddy .k

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Hi Sridhar,

I’m trying connecting XI to WAS 6.40 using ABAP Proxy.

Now I receive this error message: “<SAP:Code area="INTERNAL">SYSTEM_NOT_CONFIGURED_AS_XMB</SAP:Code>

<SAP:Stack>System not configured as Integration Engine</SAP:Stack>

I have defined my business system IED_100 (WAS 6.40) like application system and the related integration server is XI. It’s correct?

When I check the component monitoring > Integration Engines > Proxy runtime IED_100, this message is displayed:

Unable to log on to system IED_100 in language en with user XIRWBUSER. But in WAS system (IED_100) I don’t have a user XIRWBUSER!!! I need to create it?

Tell me if I’m correct: I don’t need any RFC adapter; I’m only need an XI adapter (http) to send the xml file to ABAP proxy (IED_100) and on IED_100 I need to activate XI message format service in SICF and create a RFC connection in SM59 to call XI integration server. This is already done!

In sm59 I continue with ICM_HTTP_CONNECTION_FAILED…

Thanks in advance,


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One more thing,

When you sad Path and Service Number, these parameters on XI must be equal to RFC connection?


Host: uii073 (XI integration server)

Path: /sap/xi/engine?type=entry

Service Nº: 8000

I already defined Addressing type “HTTP Destination” and I only need to put the business system IED_100.



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Hi Ricardo,

Check this blog it may be helpful to u...


And regarding the message u r getting the user <b>XIRWBUSER</b> should exist ... u can create by going to <b>SU01</b> ...

and also

go to SLD-->Business systems...and check the role of business system Web AS ABAP (tht was created during installation)...check if the role is integration server


Hope this helps u ...


Sridhar reddy k

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