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HTTP 404 issue whenSSO to InfoView using WindowsAD

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Dear all,

I got the same issue as Mark Richardson (please read below). I was able to implement this SSO to InfoView using Java SSO (aka Vintela, Kerberos) with Authentication: Windows AD in QA environment. But now in Prod after putting all the settings i got error HTTP 404 like Mark's case below.

I got 'Credentials obtained' in stdout. And i was able to get a ticket when running kinit. But when client browser tried to open the InfoView URL, i got that HTTP 404 error.

I've applied all the required settings on client browser as per Tim Ziemba (and also OSS Note).

Any idea what could be the issue?

WinAD SSO errors for JAVA InfoView after SP3


I had successfully deployed the WinAD SSO configuration for both the .NET and JAVA InfoView as documented in the SAP materials provided by Tim Ziemba and Miles Escow.

Yesterday, I applied the new BOE-XI (R-3.1) Service Pack 3 on our DEV server...and accepted the RE-DEPLOY WebApplications option during the install.

The .NET WinAD SSO is working 100% OK at http://<servername>/InfoViewApp/logon.aspx

However, after I updated all the server.xml and web.xml files as required for the Tomcat55 folders that were overwritten by the service pack - I am getting 404 "The requested resource is not available" errors for both the LogonService and the LogonNoSso.



If I comment-out the REALM and FILTER MAPPING sections that are mentioned on Pages 17 and 18 of Tim Ziemba's "Complete" document then I get a Manual Login Screen that works - but no SSO.

Is it possible that the and logonNoSso.jsp are broken by BOE-XI (R-3.1) Service Pack 3, and is there any way to get those components back...?

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Hi Aswin,

Vintela libraries changed in SP3. Usually a 404 error means:

- Typo in any of the xml tags (you can check opening it in IE)

- Typo in the SPN (cannot be found). However, you mention seeing in stdout.log "credentials obtained" so it looks that's fine

- If you are using keytab, comment those lines in web.xml and use the password in Tomcat > Java

If nothing mentioned above solve the issue, I will suggest you to enable debug in Tomcat and post here the stdout.log