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I need to learn HTMLB, can anybody suggest some starting guides??

Do v use NDS for developing applications using HTMLB and when u do so, How do u use them in the portal?

Step-by-step guides???

Thanx, sdn

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Install PDK on your portal. After installing assign Java development role to yourself. There is plenty of examples and documentation on HTMLB. You can use NWDS or Eclipse to build your portal component that use HTMLB.

Link to download PDK.

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I Downloaded and deployed the package using the SDM.

i restarted the server.But I don see any java roles in the portal to assign.

Can u explain me what exactly i need do after like deploying the pdk 6.0 in the portal using SDM.

Thanx Prakash

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1.Navigate to following location.

User Administration->Roles

2. Put your userid in Search Box and in the drop down box select users. Then click on start.

3. You should see your user information in the tableview. Click on Edit.

4. Go to the last box at the the right bottom area and click on Start.

5. Keep browsing till you see "" role. Select it and click on ADD

6. Click on Save. (don't forget this step).

7. Refresh your IE window and you should see a tab with java development tab.

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Sry, but i don see that role.

Do u think there is a problem with deployment?

i din get error tho.

1. Unzipped

2. Deployed using SDM.

3. Restart the J2EE Server.

and nexx?

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Instead try this,

Download the pdk 6.0.epa from

import and then see.


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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if you have EP6 NW04, please install the Portal Development Kit from the download section of SDN and go to "Java Development" - "User Interface Development" - "Introduction" and around.

If you have SP2, also deploy PDK, but here the path is "Java Development" - "Documentation" - "Services" - "GUI Services" - "HTMLB" and around (also check examples).

Hope it helps


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