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HTMLB TreeNode hasChilds() Method from EP5 to EP6

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We are in the process of upgrading from EP5 to EP6 (sp14) and have hit a snag with HTMLB Tree Node processing which I am hoping someone can offer some guidance with.

The developement we have creates an HTMLB for our Job Catalog which is a huge table and so is initially displayed non-expanded with child nodes only being added when the onNodeExpand event is triggered.

The hasChilds() method is used to determine if the children of a selected node have already been added - if so the branch toggles between open/closed and if not they are added.

This is all well and good in EP5 where the correct value is returned from the hasChilds() method, but when the same code is run in our EP6 environment this method always returns a 'true' making the processing think the child has been added when it in face hasn't.

Has anyone come across this issue and if so did you manage to get around it?

Thanks for any help you can provide with this.



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Note: The issue also holds true when the deprecated hasChilds() method is replaced with the new hasChildren() method