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HTMLB - TableView

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I created a new TableView with 2 titles in the columndefinitions. When the table is displayed in the screen and i scroll in it, the column titles are scrolling as well. Is there a way to always keep those column titles in top of the TableView?

<xhtmlb:overflowContainer mode = "SCROLL"

width = "600px"

height = "150px" >

<htmlb:tableView id = "z6consommation1"

fillUpEmptyRows = "true"

footerVisible = "false"

selectionMode = "SINGLESELECT"

visibleFirstRow = "1"

columnDefinitions = "<%= columnDefinitions %>"

selectedRowIndex = "<%= me->rowSelection %>"

table = "<%= me->it_consommation %>"

onRowSelection = "MyEventRowSelection"

visibleRowCount = "150"

sort = "SERVER"

width = "100%" />


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Answers (2)

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Hi Eric,

it's not possible to keep the column titles and only scrolling the rest. The OverflowContainer is something like a wrap around your tableview (or whatever content is in there). Everything within gets scrolled.

If you have many rows in your table presented by the tableview you should use the navigation of the tableview by reducing the amount of rendered rows on one page via parameter "visibleRowCount".



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Thank Alex, I guess I wasn't fully awake when I responded last night.

Eric, Alex is on the right path here.

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What do you mean that the column headers scroll as well?

Most likely it has to do with your overflowContainer, have you tried taking off the visibleRowCount and footerVisible=false ??