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HTMLB <TabStrip> reload

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I am using the HTMLB tabstrip tag in a jsp file. I would like to implement a functionality whereby when a user clicks on a tab, it doesnt reload the contents in the tab. Right now, when i put the onselect code in the tabstrip, it surely reloads the page again. And if i dont put the onselect code then i cant switch to another tab. Catch 22.

Is there a way to avoid this reload but instead just display the clicked tab contents as it was before the user switched over.



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There doesn't seem to be a javascript event handler on it so I don't think it is possible in any easy way.

A possible (and horribly complex) is to

1. find the id of the element

2. in a javascript method that runs after the page is loaded travers the DOM tree and set a onClick event on the element which you found the id for in 1. This onClick event calls a js method which returns false (which I think cancels out any HTML "events" on the same click( such as reloading))

Otherwise you need to write a new tabstrib element.

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thanks. any sample code would be greatly appreciated.

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sorry, I haven't got any code (and it would take too long to build) but I could outline what it think would work. And actually the code doesn't look that complex at all

First find the real htmlb id (should be some tutorials on this.

<script><!Place at bottom of page>

function funcTabStripClientClick() {

return false;


var tabStripElement = document.getElementById("<htmlbelementid>");

tabStripElement .setAttribute("onClick","funcTabStripClientClick();");