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HTMLB Link usage, question

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I am new to HTMLB, question


Button myButton = new Button("submitButton");


myButton.setText("Go to Yahoo");

myButton.setTooltip("Click here to go to Yahoo.");


the implementation of onSendName

public void onSendName(Event myName) throws PageException {

String url = "";

Link lk = new Link("mylink", "yahoo");



??????? now what???

//How do I get to the link?

Please help fill in, appreciate:


If this is the not the right way, any other way to achieve this?

thanks much.

Dave Wang

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Answers (2)

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Hi @all,

I think if you want to generate Links inside a tableCell, you will have to use TableViewCellRenderer.

There is an example how to use a cellRenderer in the EP in HTMLB-Reference.



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Instead of using a button, how about using the HTMLB link?

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Yes, Eric, thanks for the answer. in this case. I can substitute the button with a link. But

In another scenario, I have a tableview, then every cell clicked will lead to a url generated based on the content of the table cell,

for example, cell(1,2)="userABC", onCellClick() funciton will generate a Link to: "http://xxx?userid=userABC". When user clicks cell(1,2), it should go to the generated URL.

It would be great if I can generate the link then direct the browser to the URL at onCellClick().

How do I handle this case?

thanks for any suggestions.

Dave Wang