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htmlb:inputField and IE's AutoComplete

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Do you know the AutoComplete function of the Internet Explorer? As soon as you enter some letters into an intput field on any web page, you get a litte dropdown box with all the entries you did in similar fields that match to the letters you already entered.

Strangely, if you use htmlb:inputField (Design2003,WebAs 640), there is no AutoComplete available.

Do you know why that is or what I could do to make it available?

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Hi Daniel,

please search the forum before you post a new topic

at what Thomas Jung has already found out. Btw the topic contains a very interesting post from Brian.



Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate
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Actually I went on to write my own AutoComplete that uses a PHTMLB:comboBox and stores the history on the Server Side. It is on my list of things to write about in a weblog.