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HTMLB how to get checkbox value?

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Hi all,

anyone knows how is possible to get the value of a checkbox in a DynPage?




       text="CPU status"



In this case i want to read the string "CPU status".

If I use the getText method, the returned value is always null, with the getTooltip method too.

please, help!

thanks a lot.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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hi Gennaro,

Checkbox.getId() works fine.

So, i will suggest you to create the Check box with the same text and id and retrieve the text with Checkbox.getId() method. Nothing goes wrong with this.

But, this fails if you need two or more checkboxes with the same texts.

Checkbox cb = (Checkbox)this.getComponentByName("SAPR/3 ");

String text=cb.getId();


you could have as

<hbj:checkbox id="SAPR/3" text="SAPR/3" disabled="false"/>

hiope it helps..,



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hi Vinoth,

it's a good solution, but i need to specify the checkbox codified value (in the id) and the checkbox value, because i get all values dinamically.

I've solved with a hidden field that supply the checkbox value and give it to me with a request.getParameter().

In this way:

<hbj:checkbox id="CheckCPUStat" text="CPU status" key="chk_Stat" />

<input type="hidden" name="CheckCPUStat_value" value="CPU status">

however thanks a lot for your help!


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